The Crucible

Robert Ward
Conducted by Matt Scott Rogers
Directed by Eleanor Strutt
Produced by Hermione Killian-Dawson & Angus Benton

UCOpera 2024 are proud to present a production of Robert Ward’s ‘The Crucible’. Performed in English, this opera is loosely inspired by Arthur Miller’s play of the same name. The story follows a small community in Salem, exploring accusations of witchcraft, betrayal and the frenzy and terror that can be whipped up by small communities.

Performances: 22nd and 23rd March 2024, Bloomsbury Theatre, WC1H 0AH

Tickets can be purchased through the Bloomsbury Theatre website, at the box office of Bloomsbury Theatre Mon – Fri 12:00–17:00, or by calling 020 3108 1000.

The performances will be sung in English.


  • Theo Perry: John Proctor
  • Lawrence Gillians: Reverend John Hale
  • Lottie Craven: Abigail Williams
  • Saskia Kirk: Elizabeth Proctor
  • William Collison: Reverend Samuel Parris
  • Sam Britner: Judge Danforth
  • Hamish Rogers: Tituba
  • Benson Zhou: Thomas Putnam
  • Pardis Ajala: Ann Putnam
  • Eugenie Ng: Mary Warren
  • Oliver Smith: Giles Corey
  • Angus Benton: Francis Nurse
  • Magnus Cameron: Ezekiel Cheever
  • Charlotte Khan: Sarah Good
  • Amy Winterbottom: Betty Paris
  • Dea Peshkepia: Ruth Putnam
  • Molly Hanya Soos: Susannah Walcott
  • Didi Dergham: Mercy Lewis
  • Maame-Deh Karikari-Brobbey: Martha Sheldon
  • Aoife Mulligan Smith: Bridget Booth
  • Anna Scott: Rebecca Nurse